In the summer of 2016, I thought to make a hashtag in an effort to engage tweeters about code. I added #DatCode to my tweets asking for help or sharing something I found while building. A woman, now my friend, named Ann Daramola took notice and suggested we create a Slack group. A month later, we had an identity, a website, and a sign-up form to join the Slack.

As of today, we're nearing 300 members signed up for the Slack group, have built a resourceful app bot to help us feed info in and out of the group, and there's more to come. It's been great to see the grassroots growth and we hope to push that even further with our ideas.


Early on, I went with a logotype that calls back to programming, using jQuery syntax. With dot notation, it could be used in ways to extend the branding into events or spaces of the community.

Promo material consisted of a kinetic typography video with background music and stock imagery with some type overlay. (I couldn't find the file but you can view the video here) I used Glitch Mob's "We Can Make the World Stop" for reasons that sounded cheesy when I made it but really amounts to feeling like our ideas do some good. The stock images shot by me, featured my baby sister Tiara in a New Orleans coffee shop.


Once we grew a bit, we felt that a pivot to a community of technologists rather than coders would be better, putting more focus on other areas of tech. I took what we had and cleaned it up by changing the font, and brightening the color palette. A couple favicons were made to use in various places.

After using the phrase for so long within the group, I adopted "Do The Most" into the identity of the community, emphasizing our willingness to look and go further. The band of colors I associate with the spectrum of knowledge, skills and stories that our members bring to the community. It's also a nice visual indicator of our inclusiveness.

I also learned Adobe After Effects around this time, and created a color wipe animation with the logotype.

The Near Future

At the end of 2017, DATCODE was selected as the community of the month for an organization called Fund Club. The organization raised funding for us to begin building towards other tangible goals we look to achieve, such as job placement and a robust platform to commune and learn. Much love and thanks to Fund Club for their donations.

In April 2018, DATCODE became registered as a corporation in the state of Texas. By the end of 2018, we look to have filed and received our 501(c)3 status and become a non-profit corporation.

With these things in play, we're exploring our identity in more detail, and look to create a more cohesive visual language to set us off on our voyage.