I'd been in Dallas about three years before I met my homies Robert Cotman, alias smn phx, and Rummel Watts, alias DJ IZM. smn had a concept for a collective called HOODFUTURE, exploring an intersection of design, tech and culture.


Early brandwork was done with concepts from smn with another friend, Michael Felder. A motif of a flattened box drawn in three dimensions, being a representation of a simple thing broken down and abstracted into something more complex. This serves as the basis of HOODFUTURE_: taking what you have and reinventing, to get to your future self. Like we do in our hood.

In early 2018 I looked to extend the motif using 3D and motion, giving it a more veryfuture feel. I learned my way around Cinema4D using 3dfordesigners videos and created the HOODFUTURE cross phasing in and out of a warm-colored wall.

I went with the League Gothic font since we were already using its italicized form for VERYNICE, and its bold and more narrow design is strong against the HOODFUTURE cross. Adding an underscore at the end of the name was a call to the computer terminal, but also to have consistency in branding across social media.

Our slogan "YOUR FUTURE SELF NOW" denotes our afrofuturistic philosophies and encourages being what you want and strive to be in the present.

You can view the current website design here. A simple splash screen featuring the cross phasing animation.

Future Ideas

From here we'll evolve our visual language along with the direction our work goes. Our projects at the moment are VERYNICE, and we look to expand into curating more digital experiences in music and video, create streaming content and design IRL experiences to explore the range of our skills.

You can follow our Instagram moodboard here.