VERYNICE is a mixed media experiment. Regularly incorporating music, video and design, we share what we like and what we're into. We use this project to promote sharing things you find and learn and do that inspires you. Our mix series consists of music selections from smn phx, DJ IZM, and myself, and mixed by the two former.


The concept was created by smn, looking to continue to share music and expression through design from previous, similar projects. After about nine or ten in the series I worked to give the visual language a little more form.

I'd begun with a replication of what was there, the repetition of VERY NICE in a block of text. I went with League Gothic Italic, a sharp and bold look that felt fresh, as we felt our content was.

I played a little loose early on and went with what ideas felt right. A tropical candy-themed palette for business cards, a DFW sports team series of apparel, and created some graphics for our use. I also did a collaboration with Dallas-based photographer Fela Raymond for a local art show, a set of typography posters.

business cards

graphic design


More recently I'd done work with motion, adding sharp choreography and highlighter text. I layered the VERY NICE logotype over the two hashtags we use, and designed animation for both parts. We draw heavily from our anime likes, so the hashtags are reminiscent of the way some Eastern languages are written vertically. For social media I made a series of videos with some of my favorite tracks.

Currently, the identity is evolving to incorporate a racer pit crew aesthetic. Taking influence from tuner culture and car magazines, the logotype reads VERYNICE, one word instead of two. The halftone dots give a cool digital effect, and a visual reference to how VERYNICE is used to share our collective inspiration.

Future Ideas

At this stage I like to think of VERYNICE as its own, and that the work we produce does what it should: it answers, "what's that feeling of experiencing something very nice?" What it looks like will be less important than carrying that feeling forward, and more evolution and experimentation could happen.

Currently, we're testing out some apparel and look to move into that further. We're also drafting ideas for streaming audio and video experiences, and incorporate submission-based content.

You can listen to current mixes here, and follow our Instagram here.